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Pastors, Church Leaders and Citizens can no longer depend on the judicial system alone to defend their religious liberties.


The imposition of same sex marriage as a constitutional right  has torn a breach in the wall of separation which protects people of faith from state intimidation and control.  

Judicial and political activism has changed the definition of marriage in a manner which invites the use of  government power to enforce compliance on those seeking to adhere to traditional values in their place of business and left unchecked inevitably into our houses of worship.

Our Freedom of Religion has advanced through centuries of struggle against kings and potentates.

The liberty to act in a manner according to one's faith is the precious gift to all people of faith and is a  just means of defense against the corruption of unjust laws and rulings.

We hold that the religious freedom enshrined in the Bill of Rights, being the spiritual cornerstone from which all other freedoms arise, can and must be defended by vigorous alliance and commitment. 


Therefore we hold that the protection of the Free Exercise Clause to the Bill of Rights requires a greater and more resolute public defense of religious freedom by all people of faith.

We recognize Pastors and Church Leaders as being in a unique "position of authority" and are by definition on the front lines as guardians of religious freedom.

Pastors in particular can exemplify the type of courageous leadership needed to inspire and encourage those within their own faith community.

 We hold the Hawaii Pastors Alliance is just the sort of common sense approach needed in these times of challenge and controversy.

 Our culture is watching, to gauge our allegiance to the values we espouse.

 If we do not vigorously defend and uphold the constitutional freedom contained within the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, who will?

 Therefore be it known that:



The Hawaii Pastors Alliance is formed in the hope and assurance of mutual support and defense in time of trouble, and will stand in agreement for this defense, and will work towards the full support and restoration of the Right of Conscience and Freedom of Religion in our state and nation.



Hawaii Pastors Alliance Pledge of Mutual Support and Aid


The Hawaii Pastors Alliance


We the Undersigned Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, Bishops and Church Leaders do Hereby Pledge Ourselves to the following Alliance and Commitments:

We agree to render to our fellow members, aid and assistance, whenever they are targeted for their religious beliefs regarding long established moral traditions and practices.

 We enter this alliance as Pastors, Priests, Rabbis and Bishops, not regarding, for the sake of liberty, our doctrinal and faith based differences and choose to unite in solidarity as guardians and defenders of our religious freedom as protected under the

 First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

 Furthermore we will share this Alliance and Commitment with all who ask in sincerity, who are in peril of persecution for their faith.

 We also commit to sharing the burden of media exposure as we will regularly rotate our public leadership regarding press coverage and interaction.

We will not shrink from exerting influence in the culture regarding the following undeniable truths:

 Human life is sacred, to be respected and protected from conception to death.

Marriage as designed to exist between man and woman is the only comprehensive social contract for building principled families, cultures and societies, and is unique in structure for the task of forming, protecting and nurturing each generation of humankind.

Religious freedom as it adheres to the “Golden Rule” and these precepts is the best and only assurance of the continuation of liberty and prosperity both in this and future generations.

In this mutual alliance we the undersigned commit 


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To ALL my Pastor friends in Hawaii, Please join this alliance. We live in unprecedented times and must STAND for Truth.
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