The Power to Achieve: Optimism, Impact & Civic Associations

Our Coalition Strategy Consist of 3 Components:


1) The Hawaii Pastors Alliance:

We have designed the Hawaii Pastor Alliance in association with the US Pastor Council.    The Pastor Council has been organizing senior pastors in Texas since 2003 and have a proven and effective strategy for activating cultural/political involvement church wide.    

Pastors need a separate mechanism to help empower lay people to do much of the work of organization while allowing Pastors to interact with other Church Leaders outside of their existing associations.  

The Hawaii Pastors Alliance allows Pastors and Church Leaders to coordinate for cultural battle without interfering with their prayer groups, church activity groups and other associations that are designed to deal with activities unique to each church fellowship.


2) Grass Root Operations:

We are dedicated to operating on a grass roots level to build up the "Civic Associations" vital for a healthy democratic society.   We have a number of websites and supportive operations to help achieve this on a variety of fronts, all with the aim of achieving a mature understanding of the battle along with the strategic importance all people of faith have in the defense and maintenance of a free society (View our article on "Savage Democracy").  

Some of the operation we support are:

The Hawaii Federation of Republican Women:  A nationwide affiliation of like minded women designed to broaden and inspire women to build social networks for campaign building, grass roots interaction and candidate identification and support.

Safe Streets Ohana:  A web campaign designed to disseminate information on the negative effects of legalizing marijuana, and its threat against the health and welfare of children and families.   It is a call to hold elected representatives accountable and counter the propaganda of drug profiteers, both public and private, who seek to use public good will to enslave a new generation to drug use.

Stop Common Core Hawaii:  Supporting local control of public education and exposing the questionable goals and procedures of the Common Core Mandate.

This is a short list of some of our functions and with your continued support we will be taking on new opportunities for direct contact and interaction to advance the pro-family, pro-freedom agenda. 

3) Party Politics:

It is critical to our efforts to have a vibrant political party that can be the vehicle for learning, organizing and demonstrating the essentials of cooperation and leadership.

Therefore we support an active involvement in resurrecting an effective Republican Party in the state of Hawaii.

We hold political parties as instruments for good or ill based on the direction set by its members and in our winner take all system of government, effective political parties are an essential part of achieving important political goals.


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